"Elizabeth" Purple Checked Ruffle Collar Light Shirt

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Our shirts have slightly extra body length to help maintain a tucked in look to jeans and sleeve length is a touch length for the reach and coverage of arms. Small cuffed ruffle sleeves and collar makes the shirts pretty. These shirts are designed with hot days in mind and are made of very light, 100% cotton. 

These shirts have all the extras, hard to find in just any country shirt. 

  • Eco-friendly
  • Ethically made
  • Australian designed
  • 100% Cotton

* Sizing we would recommend due to the lighter cotton and warmer season, our advice would be - order a size up if child is in between sizes. e.g child is between a size 4-5 in big commercial store clothing, order a size 6 in our shirt. **Advice for our Summer release ONLY, as typically our shirts/rompers are a bigger make.