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A collaboration design with our friends at Neon Cowboys in the US. These boots glow in the dark!

The inspiration behind these boots came from our beautiful oceans, and the algae commonly known as Sea Sparkle (Noctiluca scintillans).

As this is an occurance in many locations around the world, including here in Australia and in Florida (where Neon Cowboys head quarters is), we felt this was a great way to link our countries and brands together for a one off special edition boot design.

The thread on the genuine leather shaft is embroidered to look like the water washing ashore, filled with bio-luminescent algae. These boots stand out in the daylight for their vibrant design as much as night time where the embroidery glows white.

All boots in US sizing. Please refer to size chart for your best fit.

To measure the length your foot, first place a ruler flat on the ground. Line up your heel at the end of the ruler. Measure your foot from your heel to your big toe. Then, simply use our size chart below to calculate your size.

*Length is approximate.

– Ethically handcrafted in Mexico.
– Cushioned insole and supple boot shaft for unprecedented comfort.
– Premium leather toe and upper.
– Genuine USA cowhide leather.
– Leather Sole.
– Goodyear welt construction.