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Lychee & Peony Wick'ety Wack Candle

The aromas of fresh fruit and fresh flowers often feature in our candles, because they both smell bloody good. Put them together and you have something better than free Netflix and a new season of whatever your favourite show is (if it isn’t Russell Coit’s All Aussie Adventures we’ll be upset. No, we’re not mad, just sorely disappointed). Balancing the fruity and the floral is a fine science, however, and our genius lab technicians haven’t let us down (except for that one time someone said pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza). This candle features the bold, juicy notes of lychee offset by delicate soft freshness that is the amazing Peony. If you’re after a candle to make your house smell like a welcoming, warm home, this is the tasty business.

All Wick'ety Wack Candles are hand-made by our expert team in Sydney, Australia, using locally-sourced ingredients. Ain’t nobody got time to import ingredients responsible for making your house smell nice, so we make all our candles on-site and do not rely on any form of witchcraft, whatsoever.

We pride ourselves on our high-quality products, with the creamy, high-scent-blend soy wax, 100% pure cotton wicks, packed with knockout scent throw, and enjoying the huge visual appeal of our unique tie dye colouring. We love the process of creating wild, new candles and we hope you enjoy the fruits of our labour.

190g. Made in Australia. Vegan Friendly.