Jeans/Shorts Sizing Guide

Buying Jeans and Shorts online is not the easiest thing to do. So many different Brands and styles to understand, and and then there is the US Sizing vs AU Sizing....Confusing!!!

Here at Dusty Diamonds we want to make it easy for you to purchase our Jeans and Shorts Online, Stress Free!

We wear these clothes personally, so we know the styles, sizes and conversions like the back of our hand, trust in our knowledge to ensure you get the perfect fit. Suppliers change manufacturers all the time which adds to the worry of ordering the same size as last time and expecting that they fit the same as your old favs. Because of this we suggest that if it has been over 12 months since you last purchased, take the time to remeasure yourself and compare to our charts below.

When trying to convert into General Australian Sizing remember that in Aus our general sizing goes up in even numbers. There are no odd numbers on an Australian Sizing chart, so don't be fooled by those other charts that have started just listing numbers next to sizes in consecutive order, they have not done their homework!

The charts below are made by us at Dusty Diamonds, using true measurements, comparisons in real life and ongoing checking of each and every shipment that we receive. Sizes below are based on a comfortable fit.

Simply choose your Australian Sizing in the left column and move to the right to convert to your chosen brand and style size.

AU6 & AU8 Size waists - please read!!

The lower sizes of US Jeans don't have much difference between them. It has been our experience that if a customer is an AU6 or an AU8 they generally know if their bodyshape fits into both sizes and they need to find their fav fit between the Big AU6 and the Small AU8.

AU6 Small is for the straight up and down size 6 waist that never fits an AU8.
Alternatively the AU8 Big is for those size 8 waists that never fit into an AU6.

Not sure of your AU Size?

f you want to be extra sure of your sizing grab your fav best fitting pair of pants and lay them on a flat surface. Using a tape measure against the pants, measure the waist band (and double), inseam and front rise and compare to the true measurements of your chosen style in the corresponding suppliers tables below. Measurements are approx and are in cm unless stated otherwise.

What does Easy Fit and Junior Fit Mean?

Jeans companies these days make numerous styles using different measurements, to better fit more bodyshapes. See the descriptions of the different styles under each table below to choose a style that best suits your tastes and body shape.

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Image not Available TOO CONFUSING?!

We get it, really we do!!
The Dusty Diamonds girls are more than happy to help, send us your measurements via the comments page and let us do the work for you!

We understand that sizing is difficult online, if you happen to get it completely wrong and purchase the wrong size, contact us within 2 days of receiving your purchase and we will organise a return of the item and send you your correct size!

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For Grace In LA Capris and Shorts use the equivalent Jeans Sizing Charts - they are the same sizing as jeans!!

NOTE: if you like a loose leg fit in shorts we do recommend going up a size.
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