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These boots are nicknamed our ‘Karijini’ boots as they were inspired by the giant termite mounds scattered around the Pilbara region of outback Western Australia. Karijini National Park has many of these termite mounds. The black ants are stitched up the shaft, all around the boots. These boots are hand made using genuine cow leather. We had a leather stain made to resemble the colour of the outback dirt, these boots were then all hand stained into a tan colour. All boots are unique to one another due to this so they may vary slightly to this photo.

*Each of these boots are hand stained, because of this some are darker than others, please contact us for photos of the exact pair you are after and we’d be more than happy to show you it before your purchase*

To measure the length your foot, first place a ruler flat on the ground. Line up your heel at the end of the ruler. Measure your foot from your heel to your big toe. Then, simply use our size chart below to calculate your size.

*Length is approximate.
We can exchange unworn boots if you need to change sizes. Please try your boots on, on a carpeted surface