Hot for Barrel Racing at Murrurundi

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Hot for Barrel Racing at Murrurundi

Hot for Barrel Racing at Murrurundi

October 9, 2015

After an exhausting week of foalwatch for the both of us, Kirsty's horse event honing skills revealed that we had a local Barrel Racing event to head to. Not just any Barrel Racing Event, it was a Cloverleaf Cruisers Event!! (We're told these are the best!)


I was awoken on Saturday morning by a text message from Kirsty that read:

'Rise & Shine! It's Cloverleaf Time!'.

My answer having worked the Thursday night previous was:

'Keen Much?!'

A double scoop of coffee later, dressed, face on and ready to go, I walked outside to pack the ute only to be smacked in the face by a warm wind to start our weekend heatwave.

All sorted until it came to our 48kg gazebo, lets just say one sore foot on the left and sore toes on the right led to me sitting on the ute awaiting Kirsty's arrival. It is now apparent to me that she is as she says the muscle of the operation (which will get a belly roll from anyone that knows us personally!) and I am the brains.

Gazebo on (Thanks Kirst) and off we go with the Air Con blazing to stop our faces from melting beyond repair. We dodged a renegade van and arrive not too far from home at our first barrel racing event at Murrurundi.

Once meeting the lovely Kate in the office and finding Julie (the lady in the pink hat) we were invited to set up in the best spot that event stall real estate could find. Arena to the front, so we didn't miss out on the action and you guessed it, ladies toilets behind (we did it again!).

We had many offers of help to set up the Gazebo to which we both now can proudly answer 'We've got this!' In record breaking time to date, blisters and all, we had the shop up and running (or roped and tied in this instance) and the make up? GAWN!! lol

Next, a trip for Kirsty to downtown Murrurundi without the cash register left her indebted to the local produce store, you gotta love small country towns and their hospitality, a huge thank you and shout out to Dooley's Grocery Store!! We owe you a beer!!

Then Saturday afternoon brought on the hilarious yet perilous slip and slide on the hill for the kiddies, (we thought it was fantastic that the event organisers catered for the kids on such a hot day) complete with water bomb fights and for us, a short drive home and an ice cold bundy rum.

Sunday was another warm one that was even more action packed and consisted of notably less make-up. The Futurity and the Maturity Finals were definitely something to see. Kirsty has found herself a new calling (Again!!), shes going to be a Barrel Racer if it kills her!

Dusty Diamonds sponsored the 2nd place winner of the Futurity which was Sharna Little of Gunnedah with a fantastic ride on Boom. She hightailed it to our shop the moment the presentation finished to snap up her new sunglasses and a nice array of western jewellery to compliment her next ride! We'll see you next time round the barrels Sharna. Congratulations!

Murrurundi brought on another round of beautiful people to meet and the Cloverleaf Crew put on a superbly organised event that had you not wanting to miss a minute of the action. Our Trinity Ranch Jeans and Montana West Sunglasses were a huge hit with the Barrel Racers who are a very fashionable bunch, and best of all, love their bling and bright colours!!

Thank you for having us Cloverleaf Cruisers, we will most definitley be back!!

You can check out Sharna's run on our facebook page, until next time...Ride & Shine!!!

Love From,

Dusty Diamonds