Slow & Steady at Singleton Campdraft

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Slow & Steady at Singleton Campdraft

Slow & Steady at Singleton Campdraft

October 23, 2015


After another late Friday night of last minute rhinestoning on our new humongous 4m banner, Saturday morning saw us heading for the Singleton Show Campdraft, by invite!

The only casualty of body parts was a blistered heel playing havoc with Kirsty, but she donned her bandaids and boots again for another day!

We hit Kick Ass Coffee in Aberdeen and left a pile of business cards with Tony. Our caffeine addiction fulfilled (and a promise to bring back a bling hat to stand out amongst his display of stud caps) we continued on.

Do we dare say that we had no traffic incidents on our hour short drive? Nothing! That's a first! But we're not complaining! However, the trip got interesting when arriving in singleton, we got lost!

Our one hour drive turned into an hour and 20mins as we navigated ourselves around and around the showground (visibly in site) trying to find an entry gate that wasn't padlocked. Talk about feeling dumb! Not Gate 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 or 3 (grrr!). We closed in on Gate 2 and cheered when we found it to be open, the Kick Ass coffee had set in!

We got directions to the vendors area, and entered the Showgrounds beyond Gate 2, beyond the cattle in the yards, beyond the horses and the competitors......beyond the horse float camping area..........beyond the caravan camping area........beyond the mobile home camping site........yep we were certainly at the back and beyond of everything (with everyone else and their stalls). But, guess what? The ladies toilets were behind us, that's a plus still isn't it?

We were delighted to pull up and recognise 'the chick we met at Gresford!', pairing up with her friend to be the girls of Leather & Lace, running their own stall of handmade leather biker goods. Great stuff & even greater girls! We were then parked next to the Woodstax mobile wood fire pizza van. One sniff and we were 'Hangry'! With everything set up, Kirsty & I took the calm before the storm to mung out on a wood fired BBQ chicken pizza for breakfast! And what an awesome pizza Jason and Bern dished we went back for Brunch!


Whilst we had our binocular vision engaged trying to catch some action across the other side of the showground, we realised that the super sparkly banner we had spent the night before finishing was, exactly where we had left it the night before, at home! Bummer! At least we had brought our chairs this time!

Whilst the storm of customers never exactly eventuated, we did get to meet a very comical mobile home couple, who we had a lovely chat with & whilst the husband was off to fill his stubby holder the wife made her sneaky purchases of our bling buckle rings.

Despite being so far away from the competitors, Ric Jackson, the gentlemanly showground caretaker continuously grabbed the PA and wandered our stalls intriguing the competitors with his descriptions of our bling products and Kirsty's smile! Thanks Ric!

The lack of crowd left us some time to mingle with the other vendors and we are excited to say after talking business with the girls of leather & lace we may have our very own leather goods manufacturers lined up! Many good things to come!


By lunch time the customers were sparse as were the vendors, as more and more packed up to leave early, but we stuck it out, with another pizza and some music from the car to lighten the mood! Thanks for taking care of us Jason & Bern, we will readily park next to you guys anyday!

It wasn't too long before it was just us and the biker girls left who had resorted to swapping their Jack Daniels for coffee so that they too could pack up and drive home. So with the threat of a real storm lurking, one with rain and thunder clouds, we decided it was time for us to pack up also.


After losing the muscle of the team to a giggling fit whilst heaving the gazebo into the ute, resulting in a belt buckle belly pinch and more giggles, we headed to support the campdraft committee and have dinner in the old grandstand before we left. A much needed rum and coke and a steak dinner was just what we needed to hit the road!

In the car, ready to go, turned the key and......nothing (except for burly laughter from the Biker girls)! Dammit! Flat battery! There was only one man for the job, Rescue Ric and his trusty Nissan, complete with flashing roof light! Thanks Ric, we owe you a beer, there was no going home without you!

All in all a slow day, however we see even a slow day as an opportunity to meet the most important and unique people on our journey! We walked away with another pack of business cards handed out, a charismatic showground caretaker as a great contact for future events and the promise of a new line of Dusty Diamonds Leather Goods in the future! All positives worth showing up for!

Be sure to checkout Woodstax Mobile Wood Fire Pizzas ( for your next event, and drop in to see the Leather & Lace girls at their shop in Ettalong Beach (

Thank you to the campdraft organisers, especially Angela who initially invited us to attend. At least we all know now for future campdrafts that the crowd is where the action is, so hopefully we will make it again next year and be able to turn this weekend around!

Until next time, Ride & Shine!

From the Dusty Diamonds Girls